What is the difference between Auto and Manual Closeout?

Bidder Checkout Process

We have two settings for closing out the auction and collecting payments, Auto Closeout and Manual Closeout.

Auction Closeout Guide can be found Here.

Auto Closeout with Free Plan - The Free Plan is the default and cannot be changed and credit cards will automatically be charged at the end of auction.

On a Pre-Paid plan Auto Closeout means all winners will be auto assigned. We Do NOT auto charge credit cards after the auction is over.

  • Also on a Pre-Paid plan, you can collect payments offline and manually update invoices as paid. You can as the Admin charge credit cards if bidder has card on file. See How to charge credit cards .

Manual Closeout - Manual closeout can only be used with pre-paid plans. When your auction closes, there is a two step process.

  1. Assign Winners -Click the link to Assign Winners located on your
    Auction Dashboard. Invoices will be generated for those winning bidders.
  2. Send Invoices - Once complete, on the auction dashboard you will see a new alert to Send Unpaid Invoices. Invoices will be sent out by email and text message. To view or edit invoice, go to "View Invoices" page.

Manual Closeout provides Flexibility with making edits to invoices.

Step by Step Instructions on Invoice Edits can be found Here.