Ticket Reports

You have the opportunity to view a variety of reports concerning your ticket sales.

Step 1) When logged into your Event Dashboard click Analyze > Event Reports.

Step 2) Select your desired report. Within your Event reports you have 4 reports for your record keeping.

Master Report – A summary of the details entered on the order form. You will find the buyer's contact details and any details entered for guests including name, email, phone and billing address.

Order Summary - Do you want to see who bought the ticket for how much and on what date? This report will summarize how many total tickets were purchased on what date. You will be able to have detailed information of the buyer this report will not include guest information.

Attendee Details – This report is best used if you want a simplified list of your ticket buyers and their guest names with the ticket type that was purchased. You can download a PDF with this report that can be used for check-in at the door as guests arrive.

Buyers Summary – Do you need a breakdown of the buyer' and the ticket types that were purchased this is the best report for you.