Scheduling Text Messages and Text Credits

You can create and schedule custom text messages that are geared towards generating more auction revenue.

We have pre-configured the five most impactful custom text messages to make your event a success. Purchasing text credits can be found from your Auction Dashboard:

You will be directed to the Manage Text Message Credits page to choose your plan and buy credits:

You will be able to choose the number of messages that will fit the needs of your event:

Important to note:

*You'll get free 1000 text message credits when you Secure a Text Keyword.

*When credit balance falls below 100 credits, we will auto replenish based on plan chosen by charging the credit card on file.

*Text Message Credits will never expire and will roll over to your next auction.

*No refunds will be issued for unused text message credits.

*Text Message Credits will be deducted for all custom text messages, scheduled messages and keyword replies.

*1 Text message credit will be deducted for 1 text message.

Please see the steps below to create, schedule and send text messages through your Auction Dashboard.


Step 1) From your Auction Dashboard, click on Auction Options > Text Messages.

Please note: You will need to import your attendees prior to sending the "Auction starting soon" text message. In order to import your attendees, please visit Live Event Options > Attendees > Import XLS file > then select the attendee file and click "Import."

We do have an attendee sample file which has been created for importing your attendees in bulk. You can downloaded this file here.

All other messages can be scheduled with or without attendee information pre-loaded as the platform will pull your existing bidder/attendee data from your auction.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 11.48.37 AM

Step 2) If you would like to create you own complete custom text message, please click on Scheduled Message List > Create Message.

You will have the option to decide if you would like to send your message to all bidders, all attendees, a specific bidder or a specific attendee. You will then be able to specify the time and date the message will be sent to the recipient/s.

If you would like to gather card details prior to your event a good option to achieve this, will be to create a text with your Live Event Registration link. This can only be sent to "All Attendees"


If you do not wish to have text messages after the initial setup of your bidder account, you may opt out anytime. This can be done two ways:

  1. When you receive your first text message, you can reply to the text message with the word "STOP" to opt-out of receiving text message notifications. You can reply "START" if you later decide you would like to receive text notifications. Please note, if you text "STOP" you will not receive outbid notifications via text message.
  2. Visit your Bidder Profile by going to your Account > Profile > select No for outbid text notifications.