What types of reports can I run?

You can run a variety of reports for record keeping at the end of your Auction. To reach the reports section you will click Reports > Auction Reports. From the pull down you can choose the desired report. Below you will find the most common reports.


All Items:  View all the details concerning your items that are listed in your auction including but not limited to Item description, current bid, and donor details

All Bidders:  A record of all registered bidders details including, name email address an if they have financial details on file. Great for reaching out and thanking your participants.

Item Analytics: How did each item perform? Who won? How many bids did it receive? How much did it sell for?  A good report to sort which items were won with buy it now or through active bidding.

Invoice Payment Status: A report that outlines date and time of invoice payment can be helpful for accounting purposes.

Bid History: View the bid history of each item in your auction showing the name of bidder, how much was bid and on what date the bid was placed.

Cash Donation:  Shows the individuals who donated to your cause through the Donate now button.

Sold Items: This will provided all the details of your winner bidder with the item sold and how much the winning bid was. This is a good report to have all the email, phone and addresses of your winners for shipping or to contact about next steps on the item won.

Unsold Items:  After auction closes you can view all the items that were not sold.

Donated Items: A detailed item list with name, starting bid and the details on who donated the items

Pre Bid Items: Listing all pre- bids items, great for you only wanted to view items with a pre bid tag.







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