How do I update my items listing type?

The listing type is how we tell our system how to list your items. You can choose from:

Online Auction - This is your standard online or mobile auction setting. Our system will choose a winner and create an invoice one the end time arrives.

Pre-bid - Used for live auction with bid sheets, our system will not generate a winner. Once the end time arrives, or system will create bid sheets for you to bring to your live event.

View Only - Used as an online catalog to allow bidder to a live event an opportunity to see what items will be available.

1) Click "Auctions" on the far left.


2) Click on "Manage Auctions".


3) Click on the Name of your auction.

4) Click "EDIT".

5) Scroll down until you find "Listing Type". Click the drop down to select the listing type.

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