Can you explain how the performance fees work?

The fees break out like this:
We have a Performance Fee of 1%, 2% or 5% (depending on the plan selected) and then the Credit Card company has a Credit Card Processing Fee of 2.9% +.30 for Visa, MC and Discover and 3.5% for Amex.
If you went with our Free plan, the Performance fee we charge is 5%, charged on the total amount raised in your auction.
If you raised $1,000, your total fees would be 5% + 2.9% (7.9% total) = $79.  The credit card company also charges .30 per transactions.  Think of this fee as $.30 per winning bidder becasue each invoice we create would be considered a transaction by the credit card company when it's paid.  
If you went with one of our Pre-Paid plans, you would pay a little more upfront, and we would lower the performance fee to 1% or 2%. 
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