How To Setup An Auction For A Live Mobile Event

This guide is meant to help you setup your auction with the correct settings when you're running a Mobile Auction at a live event. 

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Setting up your auction for using a Live Mobile Auction:

Step 1) Im going to assume you already have a CharityAuctionsToday account and created an auction.  If not, you can complete the "5 Minute Auction Setup" from on our home page and create the auction.

Step 2) At first your auction will be in Demo mode.  This will allow you to upload up to 5 items and place 2 test bids per item. It's a great way to test the bidding and receive outbid text messages.  When you're done testing, you can clear out all the test date to start new. 

Step 3) Add items by clicking on the "Items > All Items" in the grey submenu. 

Step 4) You can create "Custom Categories" under the "Items" section in the grey submenu.

Step 5) Invite Users and Add Sponsors can be found under the "Auction Options" section. 

  • Invite Users - This will allow you to invite volunteers to help you add items, run reports and manage the auction.
  • Add Sponsors - You can upload sponsor logos and company information to your auction page.  We have three placement locations: Top, Side and Bottom.  Each location allows 12 logos. 


Activate Attendee Management:

Step 1)  It's important to activate the "Add online/mobile bidders as attendees" setting. This will make it easy to manage every bidder that registers through the auction page or Live Event Registration Kiosk.  


Step 2)  Once bidders start to register for your auction, they will populate on the "Attendees" page.  This will allow you to resend the auction link by text message, update their cell phone number, edit personal information or add a credit card on file if needed.


Setting up the Leaderboard:

The leaderboard is a quick snapshot of your auction that you can display onto a wall or tv monitor.  We offer 4 slides you can scroll through.

  • Top Items - This will show the items with the most bids.
  • No Bids - This shows the items that do not have bids.
  • Auction & donation Totals - This will show the total amount raised. 
  • Thank you Sponsors - This shows the sponsor logos.


Night of Event On-Call Service:

We offer On-Call service for your live mobile auction.  This will make sure someone is available one hour before, till one hour after the event to help troubleshoot any issues. Contact us for more information on adding this service to your auction.




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