Display sponsor logos on the auction page

You can add up to 36 sponsor logos on your auction page. We have three placement locations: Top, Side and Bottom with 12 sponsors per placement location.

Follow the steps below for adding sponsor logos to your auction page.

Step 1) From the grey submenu, click on "Auction Options > Add Sponsors".



Step 2) In the top right corner, you will see a green button to "Add Sponsor". You can fill in the Sponsors Name, Website, Logo and select the placement and order you want the logo displayed in. Note: When adding a website, we will link the logo to the sponsors website.



Step 3) Sample logo sizes can be seen below but is by no means the only sizes that can be uploaded.

Small: 100 X 100 or 151 X 151

Medium: 244 X 203

Large: 544 X 184

Banner: 784 X 118